RF VALUE strategy

Stock selection using economics value model

  Buy and hold with quarterly observing & rebalance


RF Value: Strong Points

  • Low trading expenses: Our theory focus on adjusted economic data, based on quarterly financial results, so turnover will be low.
  • Good dividend yield: Although we do not focus on selecting dividend stock, our by product from good selection will result in good dividend yield stocks.
  • Low Beta: another by product is the lower beta portfolio.

Back testing  Conditions

  • 17 years of adjusted financial data
  • About 178 stocks, with average daily trading value 30 D >10 MTHB
  • Top 30 Stocks for each quarter
  • Observe and rebalance the holding quarterly
  • Selection excludes bank and financial sectors

BackTesting Result

Quantitative result

* Past performance doest not guarantee future performance (back testing)


Annual standard deviation


Annual Sharpe Ratio


Maximum drawdown

RF Value and Dividend

  • In comparison to SETHD (SET high dividend index), RF value and SETHD have 5 stock in common, HANA, TTW, ORI, BLAND, AP
  • As of November 5, 2019, RF value portfolio has a 5.9 % dividend yield (exclude special dividend from NOBLE), compared to 5.05 % from SETHD

RF value and BETA


Important information

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