Private Fund Management

We offer services of Private Fund Management with distinguished strategy where distinction algorithm with back testing is discovered outstanding .


Client’s creative ideas are welcome to help generate valuable strategy.

We put emphasis on Investment Management with outsource of operation and IT management.

Integrity and fiduciary duties are our key in Private Fund Management for clients. 

How to set up a Private Fund

Investment Policy and Types of Risk

Type of Securities that Private Funds are able to invest


Type of Security
Treasury Bill Deposit
Note NCD
Bond Promissory Note
Investment Unit Bill of Exchange
Stock Private Repo
Government Bond Reverse Repo
Investment Unit Investment Unit
Warrants Any other assets that specified by SEC

Private Fund Expenses


Management Fee (Percentage of Net Asset Value per year)
Custodian Fee (Percentage of Net Asset Value per year)
Transaction Fee (Actual Cost)
Auditing Cost (If any)

Considering Factors before Investment Policy Choosing