Renaissance Fund Management was formerly known as Maybank Kim Eng Asset Management Thailand. Granted the asset management license from the Ministry of Finance and Regulated by Security Exchange Commission (SEC), the company was incorporated in 2007 and then changed its name to Renaissance Fund Management Ltd. (RFM) on January 10, 2019. Currently, the company has up to Bt310 millions (US$10 millions) paid-up capital.

Renaissance Fund Management emphasizes on customers’ need under their risk acceptance and act in their best interest. We provide verities of investment and asset classes to create highest return under customer’s risk appetite.

We offer a variety of investment alternatives whereby customers are able to participate in formulation of investment policies and restrictions to go for onshore and off-shore securities, collective investment scheme, principal-protection notes with yield enhancement, etc.

With multiple years of experience in the industry, our professional portfolio management team aims to deliver consistent out performance by leveraging our proprietary investment management system, which ensures the best interest of our clients.

Establishing a strong investment foundation with superior fund management strategies to create financial success through multiple asset classes under integrity, ethics principles and SEC’s regulatory.

A gateway to synergize advanced international investment to develop wealth values and power up customer’s investment to get highest return.


No. Name Position
1 Mr. Yibpong Sinjermsiri Authorized Director and Manager
2 Mr. Varunyu Suchivoraphanpong Authorized Director
3 Ms. Patcharapa Amphan Authorized Director
4 Mr. Somboon Dasri Authorized Director
5 Mr. Krisda Hutaserani Director
6 Mr. Unnop Senasuttipan Director
7 Ms. Napira Techacharn Director
8 Lord Timothy John Leigh Bell Director
9 Mr. Nigel Ian Allmond Director
10 Ms.Suphaya Kitkamolwat Director



Business Model
Renaissance Fund Management (RFM) acts as an international fund management gateway between Thailand and top advanced international investment countries (US and EU) with multiple asset classes and investments.

Mainly serve all Institutions and Large Juristic persons both Government and Private Sector.

“Looking forwards to creating stable returns in the long run by taking into account the interests of customers is important. Determining the principle of teamwork and giving weight to risk management is the first priority”